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red, gold and green

Hi everyone!  It has been another fun week at Edgehill.  We looked more closely at autumn in the 3-5s this week, investigating the different types of trees, leaves and seeds we could find outside – we found beech, oak, sycamore, pine, and many others.  The children made autumn trees by drawing trunks and branches then rolling dice and counting the spots.  However many spots they got, they used their fingers to print on that many leaves.  We also celebrated red, white a blue day, and most of the children should be able to tell you about soldiers fighting bad guys to make people lives better and how lucky we are that we don’t live in a place where there in war and that they can play in parks and go to school and do all sorts of nice things.  The children made bunting by using lots of different red and blue materials to decorate white triangles and they made paper chains too.  The children also ate meals typical of those eaten during times of rationing – porridge for breakfast, spam broth for lunch and oatcakes for snack. The children also go to get up close on personal with a full python skin as a neighbour of a staff member keeps snakes and his python shed it’s skin in one whole piece last week.  he thought the children would be interested in seeing so sent it in.  The children were fascinated by it, all desperate to feel it.

The babies had also been interested in the leaves in the garden when they were playing outside so they collected some and created some lovely artwork buy using the leaves to paint on to paper and sticking them onto paper plates in a collage. The babies also explored coloured gloop and sand with animals in as they are continuing to look at animals and animal sounds.

The 2-3s were involved with red white and blue day, helping to create the bunting by decorating and threading the triangles. They also had some fun with paint, getting to run wild with different materials, such as sponges, glitter, brushes, hands etc to look at texture.


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